For Immediate Release – Xa-Miner Licensing

The ScPrime Distributed Datacenter is a new concept in distributed cloud storage where individuals contribute small amounts of storage that are aggregated into a global-scale, performant, secure datastore. You can learn more about the project and should join the Discord if you decide to participate. The entity behind the project, SCP, Corp. (SCPC), is a private corporation building software for the ScPrime network along with tools for businesses around the world to securely use a fully S3-compatible public cloud. The core protocol underlying the network is based on the Sia Renter/Host protocol but that project never realized a Renter component that could service multiple seats in a single organization against a common cloud-based dataset at scale. SCP, Corp (SCPC) has designed and engineered this core stack called a Relayer, as part of its Xa Net Services product launching this spring.

The network is built on a passive income for participants, known as Storage Providers. It is a long term commitment, where anyone may contribute storage and be compensated based on characteristics desirable to potential business customers, like being located near the customer or having fast connections to the Internet. As a trustless network, Providers may come and go at will with the software building smart contracts to seamlessly reward them for storage provided and used. But to earn the highest compensation and have built-in protections from legal liability, Providers will want to be part of the Xa Net Services initiative.

Development is 3.5 years along in this effort and has been partially funded by angel investors with additional funding coming from the sale of Xa-Miner turnkey Storage Provider devices. Enthusiasts with the skills to self-configure units prefer the flexibility to build their own units and so we are pleased to announce the sale of software licenses for Providers on the ScPrime network. Providers are not required to purchase licenses to setup nodes on the network because it is a permissionless/blockchain-based endeavor, but they ARE required to be licensed in order to get storage from SCPC customers and to get access to the Xa-Miner software interfaces.

Some of the benefits of licensing beyond data capture will be robust accounting, remote access, auto reannouncements, auto-price updates and more. For a limited time, Providers who purchase a Basic license, will be entitled to a 100% rebate based on Uptime and staying online for the coming year. Licenses come in 3 variations; Base, Standard and Full, with the Standard/Full versions adding UI capabilities and carrying a limited time Rebate of 55%. To qualify, a license must be purchased by April 30th, 2022.

The Base license starts with the standard daemon many Providers run today on Linux, Windows and Mac platforms. The process of licensing will be as simple as connecting the license key to your Host Pubkey. We anticipate basic features like auto-pricing/auto-reannounce to be included this summer with a new daemon release. A Standard license provides a base User Interface similar to that used on the Xa-Miner units but with some features not enabled. The Full version is expected to provide a very similar experience for the Provider as today’s Xa-Miner hardware solutions do.

Shown is a preliminary user interface for the Relayer

Software versions are expected to be available this summer and licenses purchased under the special Rebate period will not start their 1 year licensing calendar until the version purchased software is released.

In addition to the benefits listed above and helping fund the project, licensed Providers will not need worry about the content stored on their nodes. XNS has a Terms of Service for customers that strictly forbids illegal content and those customers risk access to the network if they allow illegal content to be publicly shared.

For more info, visit the Xa-Miner website today

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