Xa-Miner Full Software Version

Xa-Miner is the premier brand providing storage on the ScPrime Distributed Datacenter. Now, you can have the best-of-breed user interface, connectivity, auto-tuning and more on equipment you have built yourself with the Xa-Miner Full installation software.

If you already purchased an Xa-Miner, you were given a FREE Basic license in case you wanted to ALSO build a unit yourself. This software allows you to turn your self-built unit into an Xa-Miner


The experience begins with choices based on what you already have running and provides a user-friendly guide thru the process of installation and configuration

Once installed, the provider works on the Xa-Miner UI found on flagship NAS devices built by the company. Wallet and financial operations are easy to understand and use. Sections include the number of active Contracts, coins locked into them and how many are at risk based on data stored. Financials show last month and current month Income for Contract Rent. A coming update will add monthly Incentives as determined by Uptime and other incentive tiers as they are added

A robust Contract Explorer helps the user to understand more about the data uploaded to the system and potential earnings or issues. A future update will add in detailed accounting of the State Channel contracts with exportable data for business records and tax accounting. These features will only be available on the Full Xa-Miner Software and Hardware devices.

Telemetry includes standard Grafana panels to help the user with a historical overview of key Provider performance metrics. Included are Online status as scanned from three different global locations (not a realtime metric), 30d Uptime, Incentives Rate and more. Providers can check the graphs to see how their node has done over the last 30 days and make any changes needed to improve availability

Setting up Storage folders is a breeze with an intuitive configuration that identifies and makes available all usable drive configurations. The setup assists in the prevention of overprovisioning drives, a common error made in many Basic configurations.

Pricing, collateral and other settings default to auto-configuration and update letting the user set it and forget it. If you want to change settings for any reason, they are easily available. Behind the scenes, the software uses our incredible Supervisor tool to determine the correct settings at any given moment in time for updating within the guidelines necessary for Incentives.

Support is detailed and helpful in the software with plenty of status checks and recommended actions to correct. Most critical commands are presented with simple buttons and a complete set of logs are produced at will when things go wrong and you need to dig deeper into any specific error. Included is a chat window with a direction connection to Xa-Miner support staff. Seeing an issue with the software, ping a technician and get expert help.

Connecting to the network as a fully licensed partner is a simple matter of going to https://console.xapro.net and using the Single Sign On (SSO) with your email address to see all the license keys, Xa-Miners and other XNS assets are available on your account. Once connected, you are assured of Contract payouts, Incentives and receiving data only from customers who have agreed to Terms of Service that prevent upload of illegal and/or dangerous material as determined by legal authorities.

In a coming update, SSO will also log you into the Xa-Miner UI and you will no longer need the seed phrase for wallet operations


Today, the Xa-Miner experience provides a stable and clean process to run a long term passive income machine for Xa Net Services. Planned updates include key features professional Providers will not want to be without as they result in more and higher grades (more profitable) of data stored.

Compliance regimes are specifications, regulations and rules that datacenters must comply with in order to attain items like patient health data in the USA, which is covered under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 or HIPAA. Compliance might recognize political rules such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and even include sub-compliance for individual countries. Xa-Miner Full software and Xa-Miner Hardware will be the only mechanisms that provide auditability and accountability.

Xa-Miners are expected to participate in a global performance gathering as driven from the Customer Relayer software. Local telemetrics can include network performance, latency, CPU, memory and more. These also assist the Provider with determining if there are any problems that need addressing.

$450   Purchase a Full License

$350   Purchase a Full Upgrade from a Basic License

$350   Purchase a Full Upgrade from an Xa-Miner Basic License

All Full License and Upgrade purchases qualify for Rebates until 10/31/2022

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