Xa-Miner Gigabyte-based UEFI Update

This is a required update for a subset of Xa-Miners that use a specific platform. Your miner requires this update if it has an HDMI output on the back.

Units with this configuration are experiencing random downtime and other unusual behavior. The issue has two components; one is fan speed running too low (unit overheats) and the other is related to the OS at the hardware level. This fix is for units that otherwise appear to be functioning normally. If your unit will not boot or is completely offline, please contact us directly at the links below.

We have made the process for the update very simple. You will need to connect a monitor and keyboard to the unit. The Keyboard needs to be a USB device and it will ONLY plug in to the rear USB ports as the front ports are disabled. With the system booted, you will see a lot of text on the screen and a menu at the bottom. Below the menu is blue text that read “Choose an Option:”. This is the console and you can type any command here. Specifically, you will type the following commands.

– First, type “syncconsolelatest” w/o the quote marks and hit enter
– Next, type  “updatebios” w/o the quote marks, hit enter and wait for the process to complete
– When completed, reboot the unit
– As the unit is booting, Tap Tap Tap the DEL key (this will open a Blue window for UEFI changes)

– Click on Setup
– Click on Advanced
– Click on Hardware Monitor
– Change Chassis Fan Speed to 60% in the dropdown menu
– Click on Save and Exit
– Save Changes / Reboot

We have determined that 60% is adequate to keep the components cool but with more testing and more units in the field, it may become necessary to change this to a higher performing number (80-100). If so, we will contact you.

Your miner is updated. If you are experience odd behavior such as screen garbage, panic errors on the Linux console or the unit does not boot, please contact us at support@xaminer.net or join the Discord for live assistance.

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