Make sure you are plugged into the left Ethernet port when looking at the machine from behind. There should be two blinking lights on this port if it is actively connected to the network. If there are not, try restarting the unit. If it still fails, contact support

Check the front 4 drawers to see that all 4 have a bright blue light. Shut the unit down, remove the drawer for the drive reporting the error. Check for any obstruction or issue, then reseat the drawer back into the slot and restart the machine. If you still have an error, contact tech support to arrange an RMA if the drive is still under the 3 year warranty. If out of warranty, the drive itself may still be returnable to the manufacturer depending on the model.

Check your router under advanced settings for port forwarding configuration and ensure you have the port listed in the Xa-Miner forwarded to that number for TCP. If it still does not work, you may have router specific issues that could require you to contact your vendor or ISP for further assistance.

Check the Navigator to confirm current block height. If the number is different, shut the unit off and restart. If the numbers do not sync after several minutes, contact technical support.

Check to ensure you do not have a “datacap” with your ISP. Many residential accounts are limited to a certain amount of data which can be transferred per month. If this is ok, you may need to contact your ISP for improved services or look into a new provider.

Port Scanner – Forwarded ports show an error

Detailed Stats – Check to see if the network sees your Provider correctly

SCP Price – Check price, supply and other exchange related information

Explorer – Coin transactions and block reward information

Xa-Miner runs w/o login permissions and an unlocked wallet. Users are cautioned to not leave large numbers of coins in the wallet if they are not locked into collateral/contracts. The risk is someone on the internal network where the XM runs could access the wallet. The risk is only on the internal net.

If your power goes out somewhat frequently, you need to have the unit set to restart by itself. We’re shipping units this way from the factory, but early units did not have it set. To change, you need to connect a monitor and keyboard to the unit and reboot. Upon initial startup, tap the DEL key until you reach the gray Setup screens.

Arrow over to Advanced and hit the key. Then arrow down to Chipset Configuration and hit again

Arrow down to the bottom, hit and then change from Power Off to On.

Then hit the F10 key and choose OK and you are all set.

Rebates are incentives to bring new, performant and reliable capacity online. Upon first setup, the unit automatically receives an initial wallet payout for 10% of the total rebate. These funds are typically used for initial collateral needs. Further payouts happen at 6 months (20%), 9 months (30%) and 12 months (40%) with the only requirement maintaining .95 uptime in the online metrics. This number allows for several hours of offline periods per month to move or otherwise have the unit shut off.

During the rebate period, the user may not alter the configuration or change the storage parameters. Any alterations will cause future rebate payouts to stop.

Contact Tech Support

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