Black Friday and Beyond is the sale you have been waiting for. Purchase an Xa-Miner or Xa-Miner Full license and receive special SPF-B tokens that supercharge the long term earning capability of your rig. This is the only way to get them and we’ve created a healthy pool only for purchases made from Friday thru end of the year. Going forward, SPF-B will be the bonus for all miner rigs and licenses, but at a significantly lower amount than today.

If you have put off joining the project, our storage product company is now live and servicing real data customers. Xa Net Services will become a commonly heard name in IT administrator offices in 2023 with a large and growing network of localized to the edge nodes. The time to join the network is now, with a Provider using only tiny amounts of ongoing electricity.

What Are SPF-B?
These tokens must be tied to an active storage contract. When they are, they share in a 15% earn of all storage contract revenue across the entire network. As Xa Net Services sells storage to business customers, Storage Providers will receive the storage if they are picked by the customer Relayer. If a customer is in part of the world far away from the Storage Provider, that Relayer likely will not send data to the Provider. With SPF-B on the unit, the Provider will still earn a small amount of coins from the transactions

These are incentive tokens that will increase in value as the XNS product becomes well known and used by businesses across the globe for object-based data storage services. Each token earns a percentage of the total storage used across the entire network. They only earn if there is actual network use. The payouts are handled automatically within the smart contracts and paid directly on-chain to the wallet behind the active contract.

What Is On Sale

Xa-Miner 16TB and 64TB Storage Provider

Xa-Miner is the premier node on the ScPrime Distributed Datacenter. Built to gain storage over time, every Xa-Miner comes standard with Enterprise grade storage drives and the power Xa-Miner operating environment. Superadmin, Supervisor and Storage Manager combine to create an easy to set up device that will run for years with minimal care and feeding. XMs use about 40w of power which works out to ~1kWh per day long term.

Xa-Miner 16TB – $1795.00
Comes with 6,500 SPF-B tokens until 12/31/2022

Xa-Miner 64TB – $2795.00
Comes and 10,000 SPF-B tokens until 12/31/2022

Miners come with a FREE Full license so you can stand up a 2nd Provider. This bundled Full license does not qualify for additional SPF tokens

If you purchase 3 Xa-Miners in any combo between 10/1/2022 and 12/31/2022, we will double the amount of SPF-B across all three units

Xa-Miner Full and Full Upgrade Software Licenses

If you are someone who likes to build computers and technology, you might wish to create your own miner. Xa-Miner Full versions provide the same experience as XM hardware on your device. The project says Storage Providers will be required to pass various audits and checks to meet regulatory compliance around the globe and the Full license is the first step to get there. Future features include Remote Access and advanced accounting capabilities

Xa-Miner Full License – $450.00
Comes with 2,500 SPF-B tokens until 12/31/2022

Xa-Miner Full Upgrade License from Basic – $350.00
Comes with 2,500 SPF-B tokens until 12/31/2022

Xa-Miner Full Upgrade License from XM Free Basic – $350.00
Comes with 2,500 SPF-B tokens until 12/31/2022

If you purchase 3 Xa-Miner licenses in any combo between 10/1/2022 and 12/31/2022, we will double the amount of SPF-B across all three units

Advanced Statistics

All Xa-Miner products include advanced telemetry from participating in the network. Get a near realtime look at how your miner is performing and earning to ensure you always qualify for maximum incentives, contracts, payments and storage.

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