Introducing Xa-Miner
Storage Mining for The Distributed Datacenter

Xa-Miner contributes storage capacity to the public cloud. It’s business data ride-sharing using hard drives to earn passive income on the ScPrime blockchain

For a limited time, every Xa-Miner includes deep discounts in Purchase Rebates to ensure profitability

Why Buy Xa-Miner

Participate in the profitable cryptocurrency and decentralized revolution, earning digital income anywhere on the planet. Smart Contracts ensure you are paid fairly for what you store. The blockchain and onboard digital wallet secures your coins until you decide to sell. There are no limits on how much capacity you can provide.

Environmentally Friendly

Electric use is less than 1kwh/day and cooling is included, coins go directly to your bottom line. And no need to soundproof your environment as Xa-Miners run quiet. The result is an eco-friendly P2P network with a much lower environmental impact than traditional cloud vendors

Store of Value

The SCP utility coins that are earned by the Xa-Miner are originally created with Proof of Work ASICs for use inside smart contracts with the storage network.

Collateralization (coin lockups by Xa-Miners and customers) slows coin velocity organically. This combination of hard costs to create coins and supply contract lockup makes $SCP a native store of value. It’s the ultimate passive income

Buy and Sell $SCP utility coins

Access the Storage Manager from any PC, tablet or phone on your home network to view status and setup information
Track earned / expected income from contracts and incentives. Storage Manager downloadable records coming soon
Monitor the health and performance of your hardware, network and configuration in a single dashboard
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